• Deep Dive in Analytics
  • Consultation & Guidance by whole team
  • Tailor-made Marketing Plan
  • Marketing & PR Services
  • Reporting
  • Ongoing Consultancy 6 Oprimization
  • Dedicated Project Manager


Our radio Department is connected to all nationwide relevant existing radios and formats that connected to the BVMI panel. This panel is relevant for the official German airplay charts which is provided by Music Trace. Even though we’ll cover German Leftfield, College, and independent radio stations.

Based on digital KPI‘s (streaming and shazam data) we‘re capable to identify and adjust selected target groups in our Radio ongoing promotion. As we mentioned we’ll focus on our funnel strategy through all departments

This service is provided by the team around Knut Claußen, Felix Homeier and Martin Agregado, all with long-time experience in Radio & Music Marketing & have been part of many top Airplay Chart success stories.


Possible features and reviews of the upcoming track and Video: Musikexpress  Online, Rolling Stone Online,, Spiegel Online,,, ZEITmagazin Online, T-Online ,,, Diffus, BluFM /MaennerMedia, Mister Mixmania , Hollywoodtram, TwistedMaleMag, NuméroBerlin, NothingButHopeAndPassion, Bedroomdisco, Neon-Ghosts, Herzmukke, Mucke-Und-Mehr, Minutenmusik, MusicheadquarterNOXX, Mix1, Mister Mixmania, POP-Himmel, Entertainment-Base,,, Soundjungle, Soulguru,

This service, provided by Jascha Farhangi & his team, is including video seeding, classical single pr, interviews, small tour and or showcase (online + blogs/several podcasts & print) plus our experience of the last 25 years music business in a consulting way.


Our digital services include a digital audit for an analytical assessment of the starting point of the collaboration and is important for all services.

Based on our experience of over 25 years in digital music marketing for independent artists to major label superstars, we provide targeted consultation & advice for the German market and are always open to „out of the box“ approaches.

The main objectives in Digital Marketing can include reach, engagement, growth, streams, sales or many more. growth, reach, engagement, ticket sales and many others, always taylormade & depending on the needs of the project.

Services:  Digital & Streaming Marketing including Digital Social Ads, Performance , Social Media Consulting & Support, DSP PR

This service is provided by Toni Huber & his team. Toni has been part of the digital entertainment marketing industry for over 25 years, working for Sony Music, Compost Records and artists like Daft Punk, Beyoncé or Foo Fighters and big brands like Red Bull, RBMA or SMEG.


Our Print PR Service helps to secure possible features or portraits at big German print editions of Musikexpress, BRAVO/ BRAVO GIRL, POPCORN, MÄDCHEN, HEY, DEIN SPIEGEL, Galore, Sueddeutsche Zeitung/SZ Magazin, Welt am Sonntag/Die Welt, BILD/BILD am Sonntag, ZEITmagazin, Stern, Der Spiegel, Tagesspiegel, lTAZ, NYLON, GQ, Brigitte, Gala, Cosmopolitan, Jolie, Joy, Männer Media Group, Siegessäule, SCHALL, Yeah! and many more.

+Several dailies via DPA, RND, FUNKE Media

+Selected freelance journalists just to name a few

This service, provided by Jascha Farhangi & his team, classical single pr, interviews, small tour and or showcase, print) plus our experience of the last 25 years music business in a consulting way.